Eat Local 2011

We introduced this project in a post on the 3rd of January.  The idea is that for us the time for talk is over.  It’s time to shut-up and dance.  So that’s what we are doing.  Our plan is to be eating 100% locally by April 2011 and to continue that long enough that it becomes a habit.  By this time next year eating locally should be our normal.  We are going to post Local Food Fridays every Friday, high-lighting our seasonal local food finds of the week in a family meal.  We will also post our successes, failures, challenges, and adventures throughout the week.  If you want to join with us, add a comment to this page and I’ll link your blog.  

(I’m working on a button you can add to your blog and a Mr. Linky option for Local Food Fridays.  Watch here for developments.)

As we find source information, links, or definitions that we feel are relevant we will add them to this page.