Local Food Friday – Week 2

Friday we had fun with some of the food we found at the Local Roots Market last week.  We decided to make pasta from the spelt flour.  The flour was produced by Stutzman Farms and Grain Mill.

We added our eggs

gave it a whirl

kneaded it a bit

let it rest and then rolled it

We had fun making shapes.

We roasted some vegies from our Local Roots trip last week, as well as some of our garlic and herbs.

Cracked open a bottle of sparkling hard cider we made a couple of months ago

and had a great dinner.

We had pasta sauce and meatballs we had made in advance.  The only things that weren’t local for this meal were the oil for the pasta and roasted vegies, and the salt.  The kids liked the pasta even though spelt flour gave it a different taste.  They didn’t like the blue potatoes.  We also did a road trip to a local cheese plant.  More on that later.

What local food did you eat this past week?

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